my name is dave and i have been photographing weddings for over 10 years. in my journey as a wedding photographer i have come to realize that learning to take beautiful photos is the tip of the iceberg. i had always viewed becoming a photographer as something that i would learn to do, hopefully one day be considered one of the best in the area & make a living doing it. over 10 years later, i have learned so much more than how to be a successful photographer.
by nature i am an introvert, so naturally photographing weddings put that to the test! today i am the furthest thing from that. photography has taught me that i thrive in a space where i can be social, it created a deep desire to seek creativity & originality & i have learned the most important thing is not how much money i make. the most enjoyable and rewarding part of my job is developing relationships with my clients & helping them celebrate one of the most exciting days of their lives.
other notables
i have a wife that i love very much. she holds the fort down when i am gone & i couldn't do this without her
i have an awesome 2 year old daughter
i am the father of two Italian greyhounds, walter & dwight
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in business for over 10 years